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Is your organisation going through a Transformation Process? RPG – Transformation HR Consultancy enabling Fast, Effective, Smooth Transition.

Enable, Support and Protect

Here at the Resourceful People Group we are passionate about how we can partner with an organisation, a team or an individual and explore how we can ‘ENABLE’, ’SUPPORT’ and if needed ‘PROTECT’ them. This is why throughout our website you will see ‘enable‘, ‘support‘ and ‘protect’ and we make no apologies for it. Our logic for this is that our experience would suggest many organisations and HR functions spend far too much time on providing ‘protection’ against valid risks but often to the detriment of not ‘enabling’ a team or an individual to be more productive, more resilient, more successful or simply more ! If we can ‘enable‘ and ‘support‘ the team more they will become more effective and ultimately save money. So when you look at your organisation today do you spend too much time ‘protecting’? The likelihood is that you are, if so then we are are here to partner with you and make a real difference not only to your organisation but also to your team members. Contact us to find out more.

Insights Discovery

Helping people to understand themselves …
and each other

In your organisation, do you find that your people are held back by a lack of self-awareness? Maybe individuals and teams don’t fully understand their own behaviour and response patterns. In the same way, perhaps they don’t understand each other.

This is where RPG will help. We’ll lead your people through the Insights Discovery™ personality profiling tool. We use Insight Discovery™ as a key ingredient to individual and/or team coaching, in relation to internal and external situations. We conduct the sessions either virtually or face-to-face, for groups or for individuals – whichever is best for you.

Professional HR services

Promoting and protecting your most precious resource

You’ve heard it before … and you know it’s true – people are your most precious resource. If they’re to be effective and productive, you need to constantly nurture them. This means investment – in time and money.

Get your investment right, and a sustained healthy bottom line will demonstrate the benefits of your wisdom.

Get it wrong, and your organisation will suffer the endless on-cost of employee disengagement, declining productivity and reduced profitability.

Employee and Team Development

You’re about to launch your business into the realm of transformational change. It’s an exciting time. Your focus is unshakeable. Your eye is on the prize – long-term growth and profitability. You’ve worked diligently on your strategy – the steps you’ll be taking to achieve that prize. But …

… are you making one big, critical, and potentially fatal mistake?

Are you forgetting your most valuable resource – your people?

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