Unlocking Potential (‘UP’) Program

Do you feel that you have arrived at a junction in your career, or you believe someone in your team has? Alternatively, are you noticing (like the vast majority of us) the accelerating pace of change and increasing complexity in the work environment? Do you want to be better equipped to deal with it? Similarly, you may have an exciting, fresh challenge ahead of you – which is great, but feel a need to be better prepared for tackling it? The reality is that you could be experiencing a mixture of all of these challenges …..if so then read below.

Here at the Resourceful People Group (RPG) we believe that to be effective and impactful in the ever-changing and complex reality of the modern work environment, new skills are needed. To lead, or influence others requires not only the self-awareness that comes from EQ (Emotional Quotient) but also the AQ (Adaptability Quotient) to navigate yourself and others through change and ambiguity. Uniquely, we have brought together the tools of the exciting Insights Personality Profiling and the AQai Adaptability Assessment, whereby leveraging the science and extensive research that underpins both to create our innovative ‘Unlocking Potential’ (‘UP’) Programme.

By combining these two amazing tools, we at RPG then blend the respective outputs, ‘enabling’ us to work with you to explore your natural strengths and identify opportunities for personal development to enhance your ability to:

  • Approach and deal with change in your workplace
  • Explore potential ‘blind spots’
  • Better leverage and adapt when connecting with your stakeholders
  • Explore what motivates you
  • Leverage our personal characteristics including hope and our thinking style
  • Positively influence your own work environment and the support you get from both the Company and your local team

One of the key benefits of the ‘UP’ program is the empowerment that it can generate.  We aim to achieve this through:

  • Increasing your own self awareness 
  • Unleashing your potential so that it bolsters self-confidence
  • Enabling you to use your new found knowledge of your own abilities to tackle challenges 
  • Opening your mind to new opportunities, both personally and professionally
  • Improving your personal resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity
  • Gaining an understanding of the common language to use with colleagues and others, ‘supporting‘ you to facilitate change in the future

Moreover, we believe that you will find the ‘UP’ program not only helps you to further unlock your performance and potential in the workplace, the program will support you to live a fuller and more authentic life.  The ‘UP’ virtual package includes several in-depth 1-2-1 sessions, focused deep dives that build on self-reflection, which in turn will shape your personalised action plan.  Our aim is to ‘enable’ you to truly embrace who you are, nurture the characteristics that give you strength and recognise the opportunities for meaningful growth and development.

Outline of the ‘UP’ program includes:

  • Completion of the Insights Personality Profiling Assessment and receive a personalised report
  • Completion of the AQai Adaptability Assessment and receive a personalised report
  • 2 hours of feedback and self reflection, including:
    • strengths, blind spots, development opportunities
    • adaptability abilities, characteristics and environmental factors
    • predictive indices regarding your ability to deal with change
  • 2 hours of interactive and reflective ‘deep dive’ on key elements of your choosing
  • 1 hour of action planning, with targeted outcomes and time scales
  • This program is designed to be delivered virtually, to allow flexible time scheduling for the participants and can be leveraged (as already delivered) to international clients

Who is the program aimed at:

  • Senior Executives
  • Mid Executives / Managers / Team Leaders
  • Change leaders or team members involved in change
  • Team members exploring a new career step
  • Early Career (e.g. intern / graduate program member)
  • Business owners (such as SME’s)
  • Both UK & International participants


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