HR Value Framework

Does your organization have an HR strategy aligned with and building the people capabilities to deliver your business strategy? If not, it’s likely that you are both missing out on achieving your business goals and failing to get the best from your people.

Our experience tells us that building strategic HR capability is a journey that ‘ENABLES’, ’SUPPORTS’ and ‘PROTECTS’ organizations. We think there are three clear stages in that journey and we are happy to share them in our HR Value Framework.

Many businesses start with what we call a 🔵Transactional HR🔵 approach. This is about a compliance focus and HR’s contribution being limited to administrative tasks such as contract generation and pay queries. To create more HR value requires establishing robust policies and practices for each stage of the employee life cycle – we call this 🟠Functionally Competent HR🟠. The third and final stage of our model is 🔴Strategically Aligned HR🔴. This where HR focus and priorities are driven clearly from the business strategy and build the people capabilities to execute that strategy, while also ensuring people practices holistically integrate in a unique and compelling employee experience.

If building strategic HR capability is a journey, it’s important to understand where you currently stand on that path and what to tackle next. We have created our HR Value Audit to help organizations do just that. Assessing competence in six core elements of HR capability we can evaluate HR’s current contribution, identify focus areas for improvement and work with clients to build a roadmap to unlock more value and strategic focus from HR.

The outcome of the HR Value Audit provides a strong evidence base for improving HR contribution that ‘ENABLES’, ’SUPPORTS’ and ‘PROTECTS’ your organization.

We believe that unlocking value from HR is as important to SMEs as it is in larger organizations. It’s not about the size of the HR team, it’s about the type of HR discussion taking place in the leadership team and being clear on the people capabilities needed to win, wherever you play. Please do reach out to us to explore using the Value Audit in your organization.


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