You may have already heard of the acronym “VUCA” which describes an environment that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. The reality is that the pace and scale of change globally is increasing which is causing many organisations, teams and people to potentially suffer and are at risk of collapse.

Although here at the Resourceful People Group we want to embrace the world of AI and how it can assist society (both at work and personally) we know through research from the likes of World Economic Forum (WEF) that 40% of the jobs that exist as at 2020 are not likely to exist by 2030. But the WEF are not alone, according to research by McKinsey that circa 375 million people globally may need to switch occupations and learn new skills in the same 10 year time frame. These are just two of many different sources that have similar conclusions and even if you decide that these levels of change are overly optimistic and believe that only 50% of the quoted change is going to happen then that is still a HUGE amount of change and we must learn to ADAPT in order to survive.

So what is ADAPTABILITY? We at the Resourceful People Group believe….

“Adaptability is the ability to adjust our thoughts, behaviours, responses to meet the fluidity of modern life”

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Therefore we believe that to help ‘enable’, ’support’ and even ‘protect’ individuals, teams and organisations we need to be able to first measure what is adaptability and then develop ways to improve our ability to adapt.

This why we are so excited that the Resourceful People Group are certified practitioners of AQai™.

(click on the AQai logo opposite and it will open new page that explains this fabulous tool)

Ability, Character & Environment

We believe the Ability, Character & Environment (ACE) model with its 15 sub dimensions allows us to explore:

  • HOW and to WHAT level we adapt by exploring our ability to adapt
  • WHO and WHY we adapt by exploring our character
  • WHEN do we look to adapt, leveraging the environment around us.

Here at the Resourceful People Group we want to help individuals, teams and organisations prepare themselves and to become increasingly more agile to ADAPT to change. We can use the AQme™ personalised assessment report or the AQai™ TEAM report when looking at the combined ADAPTABILITY of the team.

So a ‘typical’ question we often hear is “well I can’t foresee any change at the moment, why do I need to do it?”

The reality is that change is a constant and it may not be easy for us to ‘second guess’ how people cope with it as they try to mask how they are or are not ADAPTING. The World Health Organisation estimates that the global economy loses $1 TRILLION in lost productivity through depression and anxiety alone! So not only is it morally right to get prepared it is commercially the most sensible response.

Another question is “what types of changes are you potentially imagining?” These can be any type within the workplace but can include (& not limited to):

  • Organisational change
  • Change in the personnel that they work with
  • Change in client base
  • Change in utilised processes & procedures
  • Technology driven changes
  • Change in work environment &/or location
  • Team dynamics, building team effectiveness & resilience
  • Potential merger, acquisition, sale, divestiture

It is therefore no surprise that ADAPTABILITY is now the number 1 ‘in-demand’ skill accordingly to a global LinkedIn Survey.

So why not contact us to find out how we can partner with you and your team to explore how we can first assess your current level of adaptability but secondly create a strategy and a program that ‘enables’ and ’supports’ your team regardless of the reason for change.


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